lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

A few FAQs

- How it is possible to delete a piece?

Tap the delete button (in the top-right screen) to activate it, once enabled tap the elements you want to delete, then disable it tapping one of the elements selection buttons.

- How does undo button work?

The undo button (in the bottom-right screen) cancels the last action done to the drawing, that is it deletes the last created element or recreates the last deleted element.

- What does magnetic hook do?

The magnetic hook is a drawing option, you can enable it to facilitate attaching to existing anchor points when you draw a new element.

- Is level 12 missing an anchor point?

No, but it has a non-standard solution, instead of the last anchor point, there's an anchor point on top of the ending bank that allows the sustaining of the last road element.

- How can I improve my score?

You can specially improve it avoiding part breakages, minimizing the stress that the elements of the bridge suffer and using the fewest possible elements. Finally higher difficulty increases total score.

8 commenti:

  1. How do you use the gravity device on the special level?

  2. I have unlocked and completed the first two row. How do you unlock the remaining rows? Upgrade?

    1. The special level uses the device's accelerometer to control simulation gravity, so tilt it to make the truck jump the valley :)

      Yes, the final version will include all rows. This week we will include some new features and levels.

  3. Je croit que ca ne fonctionne pas sur Galaxy ...ou peut etre m expliquer comment ca fonctionne !!!! merci !

    1. Hi,
      uhm tilting the device should be enough, what's the phone name?

  4. Hi,
    how can I change my name on the global list?

    1. We are sorry, but there actually isn't a predefined way to change your name from the game after it has been saved. However, you could make a backup of your savegames from General Options -> Copy to SD, clear the game data, and then replay the levels from savegames and set your new name.
      We preferred not to use typical account creation systems requiring READ_PHONE_STATE permission because some users are bothered by that, anyway we are open to suggestions.