domenica 25 dicembre 2011

Update 1.0.3

New Christmas levels added.

Fixed small screen issue.
Secret level unlocks when the twelfth level has been completed.

Wishing you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  1. Hello, thats a great Game!

    May I ask for two options / features?
    1. Show stress polarity
    If activated push load shows red and pull blue.
    This would give a better understanding of the forces.

    2. Stop motion
    If activated the animation stops when the first element gives away. That should be flashing.

    yours sincerely
    Thomas Fink

  2. Hi,
    We are already working on a similar feature, though we think it is an advanced feature for expert players, so it will probably be disabled by default.

    Stop motion would be a useful option to help finding where the bridge starts collapsing, approved :)


  3. Just found your game this week and love it! Sad that it ended so soon...any ETA on more levels? Thanks :)

  4. Excelent game, best of its kind i have tried. I have used it to explain basic phyisics to my 5 year old.

  5. @askuhn
    We don't yet have a precise ETA, we are hoping to release more levels after the next update, probably next week.

    Thanks, we really appreciate Bridge Architect was used to teach physics :)

  6. Are there instructions within the app? What strategies yield the most points? Is capacity more important than using fewer pieces on the bridge? etc.

  7. Great game! I have the same questions as BDK. Also, please consider answering them in a tutorial. Nonengineers will enjoy this game more if they have a basic idea what features determine the best bridges. For ex., what are the consequences of using beams of different lengths or angles? What do the notations on the layouts mean? Should we be considering the weight of the truck or train? Thanks.

  8. @BDK
    -Actually no :(, though we are writing a building guide before the next release.
    -A strategy could be to build a solid lightweight bridge which implies low elements count, low load and no part breakages.
    -Yes, in order to build a stable bridge capacity is more important, however low elements count can potentially yield higher score than low load.

    @Las vegan
    -Short beams structures are less stable than medium or long beams structures.
    Usually angles starting from 30 degrees to 60 are better to distribute load than sharp angles.

    -If I understood well your question, the number shown by enabling the drawing info option is the lenght of the elements in grid units.
    -Yes you should consider the weight of trailers and that the trains are heavier than the truck.

  9. Is there a way to unlock levels 15 to 24 and also 28, As I have passed every level I can with no breakages but can still go no further. Thanks.