domenica 29 gennaio 2012

Building Tips

  • We advise to start with a structure made of triangles of the same shape and to use all available anchor points. 

  • Whenever possible lay part of the bridge on the ground, building a support structure that holds up the bridge.

  • Use anchor points on pylons as a starting point for cables. Cables are able to span a long distance and are great to sustain suspended bridge parts with weak support.

  • If the bridge should be spanning a large gap, you can build a second parallel row of triangles like this:

  • Another possible solution could be to build an arch bridge that is borne by the right and left banks. The advantage of the arch bridge is that the load is carried outward along the arch to the underside of the bridge, therefore it is necessary to construct strong foundations.

  • If the bridge still falls down, combine the techniques above to make it stronger.  
  • Try to construct symmetric structures so load will be better distributed along the bridge and weaker elements can be found more easily.
  • Remember that you can find out which elements are supporting more load, and thus will probably crack, using the stress option.

Good Work!

5 commenti:

  1. I've seen a couple of update notices mentioning new levels, but when I open the game after updating, I don't see anything new.

    1. Sorry, it should be a bug. Please complete level 12 then the new levels will be unlocked.

  2. Any idea when the final or Alpha will be released?

    1. Sorry, but we have been very busy, we have almost completed all levels. We will release the complete version as soon as possible.

  3. The scoring is confusing. Example -- level 1. Both examples start with 3 pieces as roadway. Solution #1 is bracing each end with 2 diagonal elements, creating triangles that touch the sides of the pit. 7 elements are used. Max load is 1096, score is 3624. Solution #2 involves bracing all three road pieces with intersecting diagonals and connecting the three apexes. 11 elements are used. Max load is 368. Score is 4026. Why does a less efficient structure get a higher score? P. S. In spite of scoring, i enjoy game ver much. Thanks for all your effort.